The intrusion of water through surface cracks is a major source of deterioration in paved roadways. Pavement interlayer systems provide reinforcement, water-proofing, and stress-absorption to extend the lifespan of pavement and roadways.

GlasGrid® Reinforcement Mesh
The GlasGrid pavement interlayer system provides reinforcement between the leveling and surface course to resist the migration of reflective cracks in pavements. GlasGrid is composed of a series of fiberglass strands coated with a polymer and formed into a grid structure that result in a high-strength, low-elongation reinforcing material.

is a nonwoven, polypropylene geotextile that when used in conjunction with an asphalt tack coat forms an asphalt membrane interlayer within the pavement. This layer prevents surface water infiltration and provides stress absorption, which improves the pavement’s resistance to reflective and fatigue cracking.

Petrotac is an easy to install, "peel and stick" pavement repair membrane that extends the lifespan of a roadway by forming a moisture barrier and stress-absorbing pavement interlayer. Petrotac is composed of a nonwoven fabric coated with rubberized asphalt adhesive mastic.