TriAx® Geogrids

TriAx is a revolutionary new geogrid product from Tensar. The triangular structure of TriAx geogrid, coupled with the increased rib thickness and junction efficiency, greatly improves aggregate interlock and confinement – leading to optimal structural performance of the mechanically stabilized layer.

Research indicates that TriAx geogrid can reduce aggregate base/sub-base requirements by 25% to 50%.

Quantifiable Savings

Nilex can now calculate the economic and environmental savings achieved by implementing our engineered geosynthetic materials - geogrid and geotextiles - in any road construction design using our proprietary Innovation Calculator (versus conventional road construction methods).

TriAx Geogrid Illustration

TriAx geogrid delivers performance in three dimensions:

  • Multi-directional Load Distribution
  • Triangular Aperture Geometry
  • Junction Integrity and Efficiency
  • Superior Performance for Paved and Unpaved Roads
  • Less Stress on Subgrades
  • Enhanced Snowshoe Effect

Spectra Roadway Improvement System

The Spectra System incorporates TriAx geogrid as part of an engineered system that consists of technology, engineering, design, and products to create a mechanically stabilized pavement structure.

In combination with the Spectra System’s engineering and design services, cost-analysis tools and site assistance, TriAx geogrid provides a simple, reliable, and affordable solution for constructing flexible pavements that deliver both reduced construction cost and long-term maintenance needs.

TriAx Geogrid

TriAx Demonstration Videos

The video gallery is a compilation of the technical aspects of TriAx geogrid that visually demonstrates the following performance traits of TriAx:

  • Scientifically proven
  • Greater confinement potential
  • Reduced costs
  • Reduction in rut deformation
  • Unique design structure
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