Scour Protection Mats

ShoreMax™ is a new, patent-pending soft revetment scour protection mat designed as mechanical protection over highly erosive areas. ShoreMax provides protection against much higher shear stresses and velocities than turf reinforcement mats (TRMs) alone. The system is comparable to hard armor products such as rock rip rap and articulated concrete blocks in turbulent flow and wave attack applications.

ShoreMax is a unique, highly flexible UV stabilized rubber mat designed with voids to allow vegetation establishment through the mat, or natural infilling of sediment. ShoreMax is a versatile product that should be used in conjunction with other erosion control products such as turf reinforcement mats above water lines and geotextiles below normal water lines.

The flexible interlock system of ShoreMax allows for easy installation in adverse conditions. ShoreMax can be installed with different fasteners including percussion earth anchors, standard wire staples, or rebar stakes.

Scour Protection Mat

In recent large-scale channel testing by the American Association of State Highway Transportation Officials National Transportation Product Evaluation program (AASHTO-NTPEP), ShoreMax pushed turf reinforcement (TRM) to a new level. It delivered unprecedented unvegetated results in NTPEP’s ASTM channel testing, withstanding shear stresses up to 8.6 lbs/ft2 (0.80 m2) and velocities exceeding 19 ft/sec (5.79 m/sec). Tested with a Vmax3 P550 TRM, the completely unvegetated ShoreMax exceeded the level of performance provided by many fully vegetated TRMs. The test results can be viewed on the NTPEP site.

Typical Applications and Uses for ShoreMax

  • Shoreline protection along rivers, streams, and lakes
  • Boat docking areas
  • High flow channel bottoms and bends
  • Stormwater pipe inlets and outlets
  • Curb outfalls and downspouts
  • Over-flow structures like levees and spillways
  • Bridge abutments
  • Anywhere extra scour protection is needed