Lowe’s Parking Lot Drainage System

Subsurface stormwater chambers replace conventional stormwater retention or detention systems such as ponds, swales, and pipe and stone systems.
Lowes Stormwater Chambers Drainage Nilex

Installation of these chambers provided Lowe’s with the ability to maximize their parking capacity. Nilex completed a drainage project for the new Lowe’s Home Improvement Warehouse located in Calgary’s Cross Iron Mills Mall. By utilizing the Cultec Stormwater Management System, Lowe’s was able to meet the requirements of their own Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan, as well as the guidelines set out by the local Municipal District. In addition, the placement of stormwater management systems beneath the parking area allowed for further site development without sacrificing land area. Since retail development is often directly related to the number of parking spaces available, subsurface installation of stormwater chambers maximizes land use.
Based on the success of the chambers in the Cross Iron Mills Mall location, Nilex is working with Lowe’s to install the Cultec Stormwater Management system in the new Shephard Industrial Area/McKenzie Towne and the Sunridge Industrial Area locations (also in Calgary).

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