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Tensar International (Tensar) Patent Infringement Lawsuit against Taian Modern Plastics Co. Ltd. (TMP) and Enviro-Pro Geosynthetics Ltd. (Enviro-Pro)

Dear Valued Customer:

We wish to notify all of our valued customers that Tensar has filed patent infringement lawsuits in Germany against Chinese-based geogrid manufacturer TMP and in Canada against geogrid reseller Enviro-Pro.

As you know, patent laws are important, both for the inventor whose rights are protected and for the economy. These laws ensure no one is able to take unfair advantage of the work and ideas of others while stimulating the economy through invention and innovation. Without this kind of protection, companies would be reluctant to invest large amounts of money into new inventions since they would be unable to prevent competitors from making use of their invention, without having put in the same time, money and resources.

Nilex Inc. is proud to be the exclusive supplier and distributor of Tensar branded integral polymeric geogrids in Western Canada and Ontario. This technology is protected by U.S. Patent No.7,001,112 and corresponding patents registered here in Canada and around the world. We feel it important to notify our customers of this potential patent infringement as well as the possibility that some imitation products may not be subject to the rigorous testing and substantial know-how associated with Tensar’s TriAx® technology.

The enclosed News Release provides further details regarding the abovementioned actions. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.



Ian Wilson
President & CEO
Nilex Inc.

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