Smart. Choice.

For 38 years, Nilex has supplied quality geosynthetics for road construction. Our technically advanced geosynthetic materials are used for building over soft ground, strengthening base sections, improving surfacing and enhancing drainage. Nilex materials reinforce, separate and stabilize subgrade and base materials providing the benefits of reducing aggregate requirements, simplifying construction, increasing roadway life and reducing future maintenance.

We offer a full line of solutions and can provide a complete project evaluation comparing unreinforced applications to Biaxial reinforced or TriAx reinforced solutions to help ensure you are making the smart choice.

Base Reinforcement & Stabilization – Road structures can fail prematurely due to lateral displacement and weakening of base course aggregate. Geogrids or geotextiles are used to enhance performance or reduce the thickness of a permanent road, even when constructed on a reasonably competent foundation.

Subgrade Improvement – Often subgrade soils do not possess the strength required to support road construction activities and associated traffic loads. Geosynthetics are used when working on weak subgrade conditions (CBR < 3) to provide a stable foundation layer for a permanent or temporary road/working platform.

Paving & Surfacing – The intrusion of water into the road structure through surface cracks is a major source of deterioration in paved roads. Geosynthetics are used to waterproof road surfaces and retard pavement cracking by reinforcement and stress absorption.

Road Drainage – Nilex drainage products enhance the performance of road and pavement structures by providing effective drainage of ground and surface water. Synthetic drains provide maximum drainage capacity with minimum requirement for processed aggregate.