MSE Walls & Slopes

Nilex offers a variety of Mechanically Stabilized Earth (MSE) systems for sites with grade-separation challenges. Nilex MSE systems provide designers with a wide range of choices on slope angle and facing elements allowing for the most cost-effective use of land while achieving maximum aesthetic and environmental value.

Nilex offers four main retaining wall systems: ARES®, MESA®, StoneTerra™ and SierraScape®. Each of these systems has unique features and advantages depending, on the application and the type wall needed.

Nilex MSE systems can be designed to address technical challenges such as potential for differential settlement and seismic activity, heavy loading and non-standard backfill materials. Several different facing options are available including segmental block, precast panels, rock or vegetation. Systems are available for nearly every size structure and site condition for residential development, civil infrastructure and industrial projects.

Our dedicated MSE Division specializes in the delivery of MSE systems of all types in all market segments. MSE systems include reinforcement, facing and drainage materials, design and support services. Learn more about our Wall or Slope systems.