Our knowledge and innovative products and technologies can be applied to civil, resource or environmental construction projects in five application areas. Learn how Nilex can unearth better results in:

Nilex materials help build better roads by increasing and preserving the structural integrity of road sections, which improves capacity and longevity. Roads built with Nilex products cost less to build, last longer and minimize environmental impact by using less gravel and energy in construction.

MSE Walls & Slopes
Nilex offers unrivalled choice when it comes to grade separation projects. Our slope and wall systems provide options that balance cost, space, aesthetic, foundation and environmental challenges.

Erosion & Sediment Control
Nilex’s family of erosion and sediment control products keep soil and seed on the construction site where it’s needed and out of storm sewers and nature’s drainages and waterways. Our materials often replace rock, saving money and further protecting the environment.

Nilex prefabricated, engineered drainage products reduce and often eliminate the need for processing, importing and placing aggregate drainage materials. Nilex drainage systems are cost effective, require less effort and have minimal environmental disturbance.

Nilex provides a wide variety of geomembrane and geosynthetic clay liner materials to contain and protect primary or secondary containment and cover applications.